Cooking Tips

  1. Wiping tawa using a piece of onion or rinsing it with ghee avoids dosa batter stickiness.
  2. Eggs should be cooked on low temperatures. High temperature makes it harder and rubbery.
  3. Wiping hands or knives with a little coconut oil or lime juice removes smell of fish or onion.
  4. Did you know that pouring a little lemon juice while cooking prevents rice from sticking?
  5. Always keep garam masala away from light for prolonged shelf life.
  6. Use luke warm water to knead chapathi flour and use a little milk to make it softer.
  7. Adding a little vinegar avoid egg cracks and its white to come out while boiling.
  8. To give onion more crispiness while frying, add a pinch of maida/all purpose flour to oil.
  9. To avoid a watery fish curry, add 1 or 2 tsp of rice powder and boil it.
  10. Always soak onion in water to avoid watery eyes and an easy peel.
  11. Two or three fresh garlic makes 1 tsp of garlic paste,1 inch ginger piece makes 1 tsp ginger paste.
  12. A little coconut oil helps to avoid itchiness while cutting yam.
  13. Sprinkling a little water on hot idli  makes them to come out in perfect shape.
  14. Kind of ugly, but people say mixing idli or dosa batter using bare hands makes it ferment fast. Never tried though 🙂
  15. Use newspaper to keep coriander or cilantro leaves fresh inside the refrigerator.
  16. Rinsing frozen grated coconut using hot water helps to extract thick milk.
  17. Avoid overcooking prawn/shrimp – usually more than 10 minutes makes it hard
  18. A little direct sun light avoids sprouting of onions.
  19. Lightly flattened wheat dough balls from both sides in wheat flour helps to prevent stickiness while rolling Chappathi’s or Paratha’s.
  20. Boiling or immersing cauliflower florets in little turmeric and salt water helps to kill all germs.