Easy Pineapple Ladoo/Pineapple Laddu

This ladoo is prepared with less ingredients and it tastes great.


  1. Pineapple(crushed) – 2 cups
  2. Grated Coconut -1 cup
  3. Ghee – 2 tbsp
  4. Sugar – 1 cup
  5. Cardamom Powder – 1 Tsp
  6. Roasted Rava – 1/2 cup
  7. Salt – a pinch


  1. Heat a Kadai.Add pineapple,sugar and grated coconut.
  2. Let the sugar melts and cook till it is dry.it takes about 10 to 15 mins on medium flame.
  3. Add ghee and cardamom powder to it and mix well.
  4. Once the mixture is warm,make balls out of it.
  5. Roll the balls in roasted rava.
  6. Serve as dessert festival season
  7. Store in airtight container in refrigerators for up to 5 days.

Recipe source:Cook with Teacher (YouTube channel)



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