Vellappam and Green Peas Curry

vellappam (1)


  1. Raw Rice – 3 cups
  2. Cooked rice – 1/2 cups
  3. Grated Coconut – 1 cup
  4. Yeast – 1 tsp
  5. Baking Powder – 1 tsp
  6. Rava(semolina) – 2 tsp
  7. Sugar – 1 tbsp
  8. Salt



  1. Soak the rice for 6-8 hrs and drain it.
  2. Grind the soaked rice,cooked rice with grated coconut adding enough water in a mixer to a smooth batter.
  3. In a pan, heat 1/2 cup of rava with 1 1/2 cup of water on medium flame and keep stirring till rava becomes thick.Allow the gruel(kurukku) to cool down.
  4. Dissolve 1 tsp sugar and yeast in 1/4 cup of luke warm water and keep aside for 20 minutes to let it rise.(Do not add hot water as it will not rise)
  5. Add the yeast mix, gruel to the grinded rice and allow it to ferment for 8 hrs.
  6. Next day Add sugar,baking powder and salt according to your taste.
  7. Heat a non-stick pan or vellappachatti.Smear the appachatti lightly with oil. Pour a ladleful of batter into it.
  8. Take the appam chatti into both your hands and rotate in one direction to spread the batter all around the vessel with more batter in the middle.
  9. Cover it with a lid and let it cook for 2-3 mins until the edges of the appam turn slightly brown in color.once it is done,Slowly take out the appam with a spatula.
  10. Serve hot with peas curry ,egg roast or vegetable stew.


Green Peas Curry


  1. Green peas – 1 cups
  2. shallot – 4
  3. Grated coconut – 1/2 cup
  4. Tomato -1
  5. Ginger – 1″ piece
  6. Garlic flakes- 5
  7. Cinnamon
  8. Cloves – 3
  9. fennel seeds- 1/4 tsp
  10. Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp
  11. Red chilly powder – 1/2 tsp
  12. Coriander seeds – 1/4 tsp
  13. Coconut oil
  14. Salt
  15. Mustard seeds -1/4 tsp
  16. Dry red chilly -2
  17. Curry leaves


  1. Soak green peas in water for 3-4 hrs and pressure cook with little turmeric and salt.
  2. Heat oil in a pan . Fry shallot, grated coconut, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds and coriander seeds till light brown.Once it is cool,Grind it to a fine paste.
  3. Add chopped tomato pieces ,chilly powder to cooked green peas and boil for 3 mins.
  4. Add the coconut paste and boil for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Heat oil in a pan and splutter mustard seeds, dry red chilly and add this to the curry.
  6. Garnish with curry leaves.


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26 Responses

  1. Daily Meals says:

    I love appams…green peas curry looks delicious Prajusha…

  2. padmaja says:

    Love these appams, just couple of weeks back i had at my friends place, they taste incredible don’t they???
    love your recipe!!

  3. lissie says:

    the appams look really nice! tasty combination…

  4. saju says:

    Mmmmmmmmm! Great looking breakfast.

  5. seena says:

    ithu nannayittundallo.rava in appam makes it crispy ?.

  6. Happy Cook says:

    Love the appom with curries.

  7. sirisha kilambi says:

    Prajusha….Vellappam looks nice dear…..Didn’t know greenpeas curry was a combo with that…..Cool idea 🙂

  8. Mocha says:

    It has been ages since I prepared appam. I prepare it a different way though. Its my all time favorite. Ok you post made me motivated enough to soak rice

  9. Asha says:

    YUM! Another appam recipe for me:))

  10. Keerthi says:

    Appams looks very nice…’m sure it would have tasted great with peas curry..

  11. bee says:

    beautiful dishes. i have bookmarked the curry.

  12. Rohini says:

    Aapam and green peas curry looks awesome.

  13. remya says:

    lovely combo…appam n green peas…..i do the same style appam…soft n crispy alle…..kothiyavunuuuu…

  14. Rina says:

    So unique recipe.. Thanks for it.

  15. TBC says:

    I like appams a lot. Your curry sounds nice. Never used peas like this.

  16. Bharathy says:

    Prajushe…is this vellayappam same as Appam??..In ktm i had tried vallappam.but the recipe is a bit diff..almost the same but has jeerakam added and is made in dosakkallu almost like oothappam! doesnt tate like appam..
    Even while making this recipe of appam I use 2-3 tsp of rava for the kurukku or kappi..:)

    Your appam looks nice with the curry, Girl!!:)

  17. prajusha says:

    In our place this is called vellayappam:)
    i think u r talking abt vattayappam(prepared using jeerakam)
    Vellayappam and Vatteyappam are almost the same, except for some difference in method of preparation. To My knowledge,Vattayappam is steamed.

  18. bhags says:

    I always wanted to make appams…..those are lovely looking appams

  19. Deepa says:

    wow!!!very yummy and tasty one …..

  20. Rachel says:

    Appam with peas curry..haven’t tried that combination….looks yumm though..

  21. bad credit loans says:

    Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing �

  22. Sruthy says:

    Simply…….awesome and yummy……

  23. Linu says:

    Thank you very much for the recipe…..

  24. cook book says:


  25. Vicas says:

    In the preparation section of green peas curry you didn’t mention about the fine paste. In which step should we add this to the curry?

  26. prajusha says:

    The fine paste is the coconut paste and I have mentioned abt that in step 4.pls chek it out.

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