Vegetable Noodles

Noodles are all time favorite of kids. For this reason, you don’t have to tell them about its nutritional facts. As  noodles contain lot of carbohydrates, it is good for kids to have it in their lunch box. Usually noodle packets have taste maker inside which contains ajinomotto and other artificial flavors which are usually considered unhealthy to consume. So as an alternative, you can create your own instant maker by using mixed vegetables or scrambled egg.  It tastes so good that even fuzzy eaters won’t even notice that they are consuming an healthy diet comprising of enough carbohydrates and proteins.

Vegetable Noodles


  1. Noodles – 1 cup
  2. Onion(chopped) – 1/2 cup
  3. Mushroom – 1/2 cup
  4. Cabbage(chopped)  – 1/2 cup
  5. Carrot(chopped) –1/4 cup
  6. French Beans(chopped) – 1/2 cup
  7. Green peas (boiled)– 1/4 cup
  8. Capsicum (chopped) 1/2 cup
  9. Chilly Sauce – 2 tsp
  10. Tomato Sauce – 1 tbsp
  11. Soy sauce – 2 tsp
  12. Vegetable Stock – 1/2 cup
  13. Coriander leaves
  14. Salt
  15. Oil

vegetable noodles (2)



  1. Boil water with salt and once it starts boiling add noodles to it.
  2. Once noodles become (usually it  takes 1-2 minutes) soft,drain and rinse with cold water. Toss with 1 tbsp of oil to prevent stickiness.
  3. Heat oil in a frying pan (Wok).Add chopped onions to it and saute till light brown.
  4. Add chopped vegetables and vegetable stock to it.cover and cook till veggies are done.
  5. Toss Noodles once again and add it to the pan.
  6. Finally add chilly sauce,soy sauce, tomato sauce and mix well with noodles.
  7. Garnish with coriander leaves.
  8. Serve hot with Ketch up.


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9 Responses

  1. sangeetha says:

    Slurp!!!Looks fabulous!!True treat for kids..

  2. Sharmilee says:

    Am sure its better than maggi noodles, healthy and tasty!

  3. Lubna Karim says:

    All time favourite comfort food….looks yummy….

  4. lissie says:

    very healthy and nutritious…delicious! kids’ favourite for sure… 🙂

  5. vrinda says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog…noodles r my son’s fav but without veggies,,looks yummm

  6. shubha says:

    thanks for ur commnt on my glad I found this space of urs..I love ur blog name..I cook Ipost..sounds so cool.giv me noodles anytme baby..such a simple comfort food

  7. Seena says:

    hm , u got them… 🙂
    we reached here, noodles look delicious!
    see u, 🙂

  8. raija says:

    nice receipe……actually,nowadays i was searching for a receipe to avoid masala in maggi.i wnt ajnamotto as it is not good for health.I used to prepare maggi noodles.but now am happy…thx.

  9. merlyn says:

    nice i tried it.goodfor my sister

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